Winnerwell Camping Stoves and Accessories – Cookware Buyers Guide

Winnerwell are a leading brand of performance stoves and accessories for families, campers, hikers, backpackers and continent explorers, who need strong and versatile cooking equipment that can be fired up on-the-go – without fuss – using logs or natural firewood

Our stove accessories are designed to add to your outdoor cooking experience and make it as practical, as home-from-home and as safe as possible, so that everyone can enjoy their freshly-cooked food, while dining in the great outdoors.

The question most campers ask is “Which accessories should I purchase for my Winnerwell stove?” Although our stove product pages include a few options, we thought it best to provide a quick-check guide that includes links to all our accessory pages, with a brief description for each.  

Our stoves are available in various shapes, sizes, weights, with some more family or explorer friendly than others:

  • Nomad stoves – These wood-burning camping stoves are excellent heating and cooking solutions for small spaces.
  • Woodlander stoves – As well as heating up smaller spaces, these stoves also provide a functional cooktop area for preparing meals and storing newly-cooked camp food.
  • Backpack stoves – Super-practical, these stoves cook food using the top mesh.
  • BBQ Smokers – These ovens sit on top of Nomad or Woodlander stoves.
  • Titanium stoves – These stoves, designed using the toughest metal, provide additional heat distribution and are ideal for the most adverse of weather conditions.

Which Stoves Accessories Should You Choose?

Our “create-your-own-stove” package configurator will guide you through the process of choosing the correct equipment for your base stove.

If you know what you’re looking for and would rather pick and choose from the accessory pages provided, the links below will guide you:

  • Whether you’re cooking in your garden with family, at a camp or caravan site or hiking in the wilderness, you’ll need safety equipment and fireproof mats to keep children, your hands, tent and flooring safe.
  • Does your stove require additional piping to reach your tents’ chimney exit? Our bend pipes, flue pipes and chimney exits would be required. 
  • Explore our stainless-steel miniature baking ovens that fit onto the double-wall chimney piping extension from your stove and provide additional cooking without fuss.
  • Our cooking accessories provide additional components that help you cook safely, while offering alternative ways to use your stove.
  • For canvas tent hygiene and to keep your stoves and accessories clean use our cleaning accessories.
  • Perfect for making hot drinks, washing in a basin, cooking, cleaning or melting snow for drinking water, a hot-water tank will provide warmth and home-comforts while on your camping trip!
  • To compliment your stove, fire pits offer an additional cooking facility – perfect for large camping or hiking groups. Simply fill the pit with wood and enjoy instant warmth for camping trips in colder conditions.
  • Made from durable polyester, Winnerwell carry bags suit all budgets and contains two compartments: one for the stove and the other for your cooking accessories and camp gear.

If you need help choosing which stove accessories you need for your camping or backpacking trip, please let us know – we’re here to help!

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