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Woodburner Backpack Stoves for Camping & Outdoor Cooking

Crafted in both 304-grade rust-free stainless-steel and titanium, Winnerwell’s wood-burner backpack stoves are corrosion-resistant and offer luxury cooking equipment at affordable prices. Suitable for campsite cooking and outdoor catering, a backpack stove offers you everything you need to enjoy your camping experience.

The super-practical backpack stove cooks food using the top mesh and are available in stainless steel and titanium options – both excellent for cooking food at campsites and caravan parks. Easy to operate and simply to fold-away for storage, they offer an ideal affordable cooking and heating companion for those camping on tight budgets.

Portable and versatile, the Winnerwell backpack stove is ideal for backpacking explorers, runners, hikers and adventurers who need to cook while on-the-go in diverse weather conditions and rough terrains.

Accessories for your Winnerwell Backpack Stove

Fancy frying some eggs with your campers breakfast? Our frying pans, made from cast-iron, are available from our sister website Canvastentshop.

Add a table-board bottom tray, available in stainless steel or titanium, to easily feed long firewood and branches and to reduce heat damage to the ground.

Note that heat-resistant safety gloves must be purchased with this item.

If you’re not sure which stove you need, our  package configurator will guide you through the process of choosing the correct stove equipment for your camping or glamping trip.

Looking for additional options for your Winnerwell stove or oven? Check out our water tankscooking accessoriescleaning products and safety equipment.

If you need help choosing which accessory you need, please let us know – we’re here to help!

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