Firepits, Grates and Accessory Tables for Outdoor Cooking and Events

Made from 304-grade stainless steel, our Winnerwell range of flat firepits are strong, durable and portable – ideal for cooking a variety of vegetables, meats and fish at home on the patio, in your garden or when on camping trips with friends and family.

Freshly-cut wooden logs, branches and retail firewood can all be used to create the perfect pit fire!

  • To suit your catering needs, our firepits are available in smallmediumlargeand extra-large sizes. Paired with the base stand, firepits fold completely flat for easy storage and transportation
  • Place a charcoal grate inside your firepit to stop coal and other burning items from falling through the base
  • Use a triangular grate on your firepit to cook using pots and pans or for grilling food
  • When cooking on wooden surfaces, it is advisable to purchase one of our fireproof mats
  • Place a folding accessory table underneath your firepit, to protect the surface and to catch burning embers or ash

If you need help choosing which firepit or accessory you need, please let us know – we’re here to help!

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