Titanium Range

Titanium Wood-burner Stoves – Yes Campers, You Can Cook in Luxury!

The Winnerwell range of titanium stoves includes the Backpack and the Fastfold – designed for premium-quality campsite, patio or back-garden outdoor cooking. Built to withstand intensive heat, our stoves are both easy to set-up and burn branches and wooden logs.

Backpack Wood-burner Stoves

The titanium Backpack stove is not only simple to operate and portable; it’s also an ideal affordable cooking and heating companion for budget-conscious campers who wish to explore new terrain in cold or harsh weather conditions. Cooking or grilling cannot be easier, with the top mesh suitable for most foods.

Winnerwell Titanium Fastfold Camping Stove

The durable, best-of-breed Fastfold wood-burning stove is light and easy to pack away and store. It’s the stove of choice for skiers, hunters and explorers when venturing into cold weather conditions and ideal for use in lightweight stove-compatible shelters, such as tepee structures and pyramid-shaped tents. When used within shelters or tents, the titanium heat protector must also be purchased.

Accessories for your Winnerwell Stoves

An ideal complement to your titanium stove, Dutch ovens can be used for hot-pot or casserole style meals, with frying pans a must-have for breakfast egg-fryers – both are available from our sister website, Canvas Tent Shop. Why not also add a titanium table board bottom tray, to help feed long firewood pieces and branches into the fire, reducing potential heat damage to the ground.

To ensure you and your families’ safety when camping, fit a flashing kit or heat protector to your tent and place a heat-protection mat underneath your stove, to protect your tent and floor surface. If cooking near children, this is especially important.

Looking for additional options for your Winnerwell stove or oven? Check out our water tankscooking accessories, cleaning products and safety equipment.

If you need help choosing which accessory you need, please let us know – we’re here to help!

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